Microsoft BizTalk

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An Easier Way to Integrate Your Business Systems

Microsoft BizTalk links together your disparate business systems so that they can more easily exchange data. It transforms, combines and transports your business information, keeping your business systems current and in sync. You can use BizTalk to streamline transaction processing, automate supply chain management, and enhance business to business EDI.

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If your business is like most, you use many different applications and databases to support your business processes. Some of these are old, some are new; not all speak the same language. With BizTalk, you can integrate these applications, making your complicated IT environment easier to manage while ensuring accurate and timely information throughout your enterprise.

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

Connect heterogeneous applications, allowing them to exchange data without compromising the distinct infrastructures of either application.

Business-to-Business Integration (B2B)

Integrate your suppliers, customers, and logistics providers in your end-to-end business processes. Use standardized electronic transactions to create more efficient supply and demand chains.

Business Process Orchestration (BPO)

Automate your business processes, using BizTalk to arrange, coordinate, and manage your complex systems.

Business Process Management

Improve composite business processes and create more effective workflows.

Cloud Integration

Create hybrid solutions that connect the applications you host in your datacenter with those you host in the cloud.

Customized by Whitecap

Whitecap has many years of experience using BizTalk to help organizations in a variety of industries with a range of system integration challenges. Back in 2006, we helped Longo’s Brothers Fruit Markets Inc. use BizTalk to integrate their internal and external systems, automating many data exchange processes. Since then we’ve helped other organizations use BizTalk in a various ways, including to capture and integrate data from multiple operational systems to feed an enterprise Business Intelligence (BI) system.

Case Study

Move to a Service-Oriented Retail System Architecture with Microsoft BizTalk.

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