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Mobile Apps Aren’t Just for Fun

These days, it seems as if almost anyone can make a mobile app. The market is flooded with developers working out of their basements on “the next big thing.” Countless online platforms have evolved so that even “non-technical” types can have a go. With so many new resources, creating an app is no longer the ordeal it once was. While most developers have no difficulty creating standalone apps, enterprise apps are different. They need plug in to the backend of your business and this is not something all developers are able to do.

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An App is a Business Opportunity

Now that people spend almost a full day each week on their mobile devices, a well-designed app is an vital business opportunity. It’s a chance to build brand recognition and to make it easier for people to transact business with you 24 x 7 x 365. But not all apps are created equally. More than 100 billion apps will be downloaded this year, many of them not worth the hard drive space they take up. A poorly-designed app can easily backfire, wreaking havoc on your brand image. Good UX design and a competent development team are the key to making sure that your brand is represented the way it deserves to be. Quality counts. An app can’t just look flashy, it has to tie into the rest of your customer experience, actively helping you conduct your business.

Your Mobile Brand

An app is like a digital billboard. It can be stylish, functional, hip, or amusing. It is an exercise in branding. When customers find you in the App Store and download you onto their phones, their perception of your brand changes. They might engage more frequently with your company, or they might drop you altogether. Either way, their user experience is important – you want your company to be remembered for the right reasons.

An easy way to connect with customers

Since we specialize in enterprise apps, we have a lot of experience helping brands improve their customer relationships, and we know how to make sure that your company gets the most out of its mobile presence.

Built into your backend system

Anyone can develop a nice-looking app, but not everyone can integrate it seamlessly into your existing systems. At Whitecap, we aren’t just about form, we’re about function, security, and efficiency.

Fewer phone calls. More business.

Apps can save you a lot of time. They can automate your transactions, generate leads, and improve your customer service model. They can do pretty much anything, but only if they work well.

Developed with Care

As mobile-use soars, companies across every industry are in a frenzy to get their apps onto the market. If you’re a first time vendor, this might feel like a bit of a free for all. With hundreds of new developers and countless DIY platforms clamouring for your attention, how do you know what’s best for your company? When you build an app for your brand, you want to make sure that it meets the highest industry standards. Apps require a lot of work; you need a developer who is familiar with ever-fluctuating mobile platforms and finicky App Store regulations, someone who can advocate for your brand and help you navigate a confusing marketplace.

Built By Whitecap

Whitecap has been working with mobile applications for more than 15 years – long before the advent of smartphones. We made our very first app in 1999 – a native Java application for BlackBerry that allowed Ontario physicians to file prescriptions electronically instead of by hand. Since then, we’ve coded countless apps for companies across Canada. We understand what it takes to design and develop secure, high-performing apps on an ongoing basis.

Case Study

Whitecap Canada Inc. Helps UCIT Online to Develop a Mobile Security Monitoring App for iOS.

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