Web Design

It's about more than just looking good

Make it Responsive. Make it Beautiful.

Does your website crash when you try to load it on your smartphone? Is Google demoting you in the search queue? Is your content stale? Are your graphics dated? We can help you upgrade your website so that it meets the highest industry standards. We specialize in responsive web design, creating a single URL that renders beautifully across any device, on any screen size. Our front-end designers do the branding, our back-end engineers develop the code. Whether you need a corporate website or an e-commerce platform, we can make it happen. Tell us what you need and we’ll take care of the rest.

User Experience

In addition to performance testing, we regularly perform usability tests on our websites. We do this because we want to create websites that are enticing and easy to use. We want our interfaces to be so seamless that users don’t even think of them as interfaces. We are aiming for smooth, unobtrusive web experiences.

Performance Testing

Sometimes our customers come to us with very specific requirements. Maybe they need something that 15,000 people can click at once. Maybe they are anticipating a sudden spike in user demand. Whatever the requirement, our performance exactly what they need from their websites.

Search Engine Optimization

Our SEO experts generate meta tags and keywords that will increase your organic traffic on all the major search engines, including Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and Safari. SEO isn’t just a step in our process. It’s a process in itself. We research keywords, test them, then revise your code and content accordingly.


We offer a range of copywriting services to help you reach your target audience. From blog writing, to landing page content, to social media curation, we take you through the creative process, helping develop your brand’s voice, one unnecessary adjective at a time.

Web Hosting

We host several websites on our server, but we’ve also used third-party organizations. We have hosted sites through Q9, Bell, and Longview. We specialize in enterprise security, so if you’re not sure what type of web hosting is best for you, you can ask us, and we’ll do the research for you.


Whitecap is expert in building highly secure web applications.  We are often chosen for projects because of our expertise pertaining to this. Whitecap’s record designing and building secure web applications is of paramount importance to our success and is a differentiator for our company.

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