Over the past 22 years, we’ve built software across a wide variety of industries, from small businesses to some of the largest, most recognized companies in Canada. Custom software development is our foremost core competency, and it’s what we continue to be recognized for today.

Illustration of connected devices representing a custom software that enables a connected, collaborative business.

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When it comes to meeting all your unique business requirements, it’s not always possible to find off-the-shelf software that checks all the boxes. Whether it’s designing and building new software from the ground up, modernizing or converging existing solutions, we can help you develop a custom software solution that meets your specific needs.

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Why Choose Custom Software

Custom software offers many advantages including cost, which is often more economical in the long term. You own the software outright—it’s your intellectual property (IP) and your asset. As such you decide how it needs to work and what enhancements will be made and when, versus a packaged solution owned by others and enhanced as they see fit. Most importantly, custom software helps to differentiate your company and stand out from your competitors.

Illustration of a man wondering whether to choose a custom or off-the-shelf development solution.

Illustration of a developer working with various application development tools and technologies, such as ASP.NET, C#, PHP, JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

Business Application Development

Do you have an idea for an application to address a customer need or transform your business processes? We can help make it a reality. We will work with you to define your requirements and architect a custom software solution. As a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner, most of our custom development work involves tools and technologies such as ASP.NET, MVC, C#, SQL Server, Windows Server and Azure. We also make extensive use of JavaScript frameworks including JQuery, Angular, React, Vue and Bootstrap; and occasionally PHP, MySQL and other open source tools.

Web Application Development

Web applications allow your staff or customers to interact from anywhere, any device, using a simple web browser. Custom web applications—such as websites, content management systems (CMS), customer relationship management (CRM) platforms, e-commerce storefronts or web portals—allow you to extend your business beyond traditional boundaries of time and place. The custom crafted web applications we build are integrated with internal and third-party operational systems, providing the means to drive sales, improve customer service and boost operational efficiencies.

Example of a Whitecap designed and built custom web application displayed on a desktop computer and tablet.
Example of a mobile site Whitecap developed for Miele.

Mobile Application Development

Mobile apps put your business at the fingertips of your users. Employees are increasingly using mobile devices for productivity and collaboration, while consumers are researching and shopping on their phones anywhere and anytime, more than ever. Deliver delightful mobile experiences that meet your on-the-go users with beautiful, secure and user-friendly mobile apps. We can help you develop custom mobile apps that will drive user engagement and deliver real business value.

Software UX/UI Design

Simple, logical user experience is at the heart of our custom software development process. We build digital experiences that are intuitive for your users while meeting your business goals. Our UX/UI design process includes user research, creating user journeys, prototyping, interface and interaction design, testing and user experience optimization. All with the objective of making your custom software look and function beautifully so that everyone loves using it.

Illustration depicting the wireframing and interactive prototyping aspects of the UX/UI design process.

Illustration depicting collaborative conversation between a customer and a Whitecap consultant.

Software Development Process

Before we start building your custom software solution, we conduct in-depth analysis to understand your business, application users, goals and functional requirements. Then we prepare the specifications, or the “blueprints,” map out a project plan and decide on the development approach. We complete the work using either a Waterfall or Agile methodology, based on what’s best for your specific project. As we develop, we will be in regular communication with you, reviewing progress, testing and pivoting as needed. Once your custom software is deployed, we offer various levels of support options ranging from ad hoc as needed, right up to 24 x 7 x 365 support if required.


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