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It’s not always possible to find off-the-shelf software that meets all of your unique business requirements. At Whitecap, we can help you find a solution that meets your specific needs. We don’t deal exclusively with custom software, and we don’t always think it’s the best option. We want to help you find the software that’s right for your business. Sometimes, this means we have to develop a custom solution for you that satisfies your unique requirements.

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What to expect from a
custom software solution

Predictable Cost

With custom software, the cost is easy to forecast, and often more economical in the long term so you don’t end up spending a lot of money modifying a product that doesn’t actually belong to you.

The software is yours

You own the rights to the software that we build for you. You decide how it needs to work and what enhancements will be made and when that will be.

Stand out from the crowd

Whatever your industry, custom software can help you operate differently from other companies in your vertical, making your brand more attractive to partners and customers alike.

Security is our top priority

Whitecap is hired to develop difficult, sophisticated and complex web, mobile and cloud based applications. Our reputation is for technical competency and delivering secure, high performance and highly integrated applications.

A positive user experience (UX)

Being able to carry out tasks easily and efficiently is key to ensuring a positive user experience in any application. Through extensive planning, prototyping and testing, Whitecap ensures a positive user experience in every application we build.

Elegant User Interface (UI)

Our team of designers work tirelessly to create user interfaces that not only have a great user experience but are also aesthetically pleasing.

Over the past 20 years, we’ve built software across almost every industry. Custom software is our core competency, and it’s what we continue to be recognized for today.

When it demands a unique solution

Trust is very important to us in our business. That trust we do not take lightly. Whitecap quite frankly has earned our trust.

Commercial delivery of products by drones in Canada is very real and it won’t be long before observing these “robots in the sky” will be something we all take for granted.

Logistics software as to how these drones will be controlled and guided is just not something you can buy off the shelf. It does not exist. Significant planning and design work is required to calculate the most intricate logistical details of how all control systems will work together. Whitecap Canada was honoured and thrilled when Drone Delivery Canada turned to Whitecap to design and develop this unique custom logistics software which we are currently in the process of developing.

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Miele, known to push the envelope both retail and online, required a solution that was closely aligned with its existing business processes. While their initial eCommerce solution was good at selling simple products like laundry or dish detergent and vacuum filters, it couldn’t handle the complexities of appliance sales or the multifaceted promotions Miele offers its customers.

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Fifteen years ago in 2002 before smartphones were introduced to the world, Canada’s leading horse racing authority had a vision to offer online horse race wagering to people via the internet. Definitely not something you could buy off-the-shelf at that time.

Woodbine turned to Whitecap to help them figure out exactly how they could do this and to design and develop a high performance, highly secure, extremely intuitive horse racing wagering system.

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