Experience Counts

Experience Counts

Whitecap’s leadership team has extensive experience working in leadership roles for some of the world’s most respected IT companies.

Leadership - President & CEO, Robb Carmichael

Robb Carmichael

President & CEO

Robb founded Whitecap Canada Inc. in 1997 after holding executive sales and marketing positions with Toshiba, Apple and Hewlett-Packard. Robb continues to guide the company strategy and direction, as well as participate in new business opportunities while overseeing the day-to-day operations of the company. Robb utilizes additional skills from his Architectural studies at University of Toronto and Ryerson, plus his natural artistic talents, alongside a creative design team and superior technical team, to achieve outstanding project results.

“It is an honour and a privilege for me to work with so many talented people each and every day when I come to Whitecap. I am truly proud of our staff, their dedication to our company, our values, their commitment to quality and the pride they take in their work. We are so lucky to have customers we enjoy working with across such a broad spectrum of industries and markets. Because of this our work is totally engaging, diverse and extremely interesting. How blessed I am to love what I do!”

– Robb Carmichael

Leadership - VP Business Development, Bill Davis

Bill Davis

Vice President, Business Development

As Whitecap’s VP of Business Development, Bill is responsible for growing Whitecap’s core business, nurturing strategic relationships with key technology partners and helping to steer the company into new and logically diversified markets and application areas. Bill brings a customer-centric focus and a tremendous level of experience from his successful career in the high technology industry which enables him to keep the interests of our clients central to all that Whitecap does. Prior to joining Whitecap, Bill spent over 25 years at Hewlett-Packard (Canada) in Toronto, where he held a variety of senior positions, including Global Account Manager, Vice President and GM HP Consulting and Vice President Enterprise Accounts.

Leadership - VP, Project Management & Devliery - Wayne Vanderkaden

Wayne Vanderkaden

Vice President, Project Management & Delivery

Wayne’s 25 year career has spanned both software product development and IT consulting in a variety of technologies and industries. Wayne is responsible for all project management, development and quality assurance resources and processes at Whitecap. He is also a Senior Solutions Architect and, together with Whitecap’s VP of Technology & Development, is responsible for the design and architecture of all Whitecap developed solutions.

Prior to joining Whitecap Wayne worked for DMC Inc. (subsequently AT&T Canada/Allstream Professional Services) in Toronto for four years, where he led a number of large and technically advanced projects for various banking and brokerage clients. Wayne’s working past also includes ACNielsen Canada, where he managed a Windows development team building a decision support product, and LinkAge Software Inc. where he designed and developed systems for both LinkAge’s E-mail products group and for various consulting clients. Wayne is a graduate of the University of Waterloo, having earned an Honours Bachelor of Mathematics (Computer Science) degree.​

Leadership - VP, Finance & Administration - Dallas Nairne

Dallas Nairne

Vice President, Finance & Administration

Dallas joined Whitecap in 2003 and has had the pleasure of interacting with the many skilled Whitecap Professionals and developing great friendships within the Whitecap organization. Since Whitecap is a client centric firm, Dallas has connected with many fine people over the years that have become valued business partners. Whitecap has tripled its revenue base over this period, working in varied Canadian industries and software technologies.

Dallas is a Chartered Professional Accountant and is responsible for Financial, Accounting, Legal, Insurance and Administrative functions at Whitecap. Prior to joining Whitecap Dallas headed up an Accounting Practice firm for twelve years. The company’s primary focus was Financial Statement Preparation, Corporate tax and personal tax filings along with small business consulting. Prior to this Dallas worked for Public Accounting firms as well as in the mining industry.

Leadership - Sales Accounts & Delivery - Palmo Venneri

Palmo Venneri

Vice President, Select Accounts Delivery

Palmo is responsible for Major Account project management as well as managing and leading one of our growing and enviable team of e-Business application engineers. He joined Whitecap 2000 with a wealth of IT experience, as well as a proven and excellent track record for managing people and important business initiatives.

Palmo enjoyed a 17-year career with Levi Strauss Canada where he held various positions within the IT organization including Technical Specialist, Business consultant, Project Manager, and Manager of Systems Development. His responsibilities included leading Levi’s programming and development team, including the company’s Distribution systems and e-Business initiatives. Prior to joining Levi’s, Palmo worked for Hewlett-Packard (Canada) Ltd. for three years as a Senior Systems Engineer. While at HP Palmo worked extensively as a technical specialist on HP’s commercial computer systems. Palmo received a Bachelor of Mathematics (Co-op) in 1981 from the University of Waterloo and a Certificate from The Leadership Institute at Boston University, School of Management in 1997.

Leadership - Senior Project Manager - Stephen Graup

Stephen Graup

Senior Project Manager

Stephen has worked in the I.T. field for over 25 years across many industries primarily in Software Development and I.T. Consulting. Stephen joined Whitecap in 2005 and is responsible for managing client engagements to ensure Project costs, timelines, and scope meet the needs of all project Stakeholders. He also has the role of Product Manager for Whitecap’s MyHydroEye SAAS offering to the Local Electricity Distribution companies.

Stephen attended the University of Toronto and Centennial College and has his PMP designation.

Mike Fattori

VP Technology & Development, Information Security Officer

After beginning his career as a systems engineer at Xerox in Toronto, Mike worked as a security specialist, and then a Senior Systems Engineer at Hewlett-Packard for 11 years. Over his 25-year career, Mike has been involved with all facets of IT including: systems design, network architecture design and implementation, database design, software development, project management, security (firewalls and VPNs), infrastructure design and deployment, and operations support. Today Mike is responsible for research and development, solutions architecture and directs Whitecap’s technology strategy.

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