Values & Philosophy

What's Important at Whitecap

Our Clients

Our customers are at the centre of everything we do – our customers are the only reason we are in business.  We will go to extreme lengths to ensure that our customers are happy and totally satisfied with the work we do for them. We value our customers. We believe we must earn their trust and respect each and every day, with each and every engagement.

Our job is not complete until our customers are totally happy with the work we have done for them.  Our goal is to exceed their expectations every single time we engage!

90% of our business each year comes from our existing customer base. We consider this a strong testament to the quality of our work and the friendliness of our service.

Our Team

Good ideas come from all levels of our organization. Everyone at Whitecap is an innovator and everyone contributes to our success. We know that happy employees are far more productive than unhappy ones. So we strive to provide our people with interesting work, a pleasant environment to come to each day and opportunities for personal growth. The people who work at Whitecap are just like everyone else. They care about their health, their family, their friends. They want a career that is challenging and rewarding, but one that also offers them a good work-life balance. They want to work for a company that treats them with respect and allows them to develop their skills. They want to be recognized and rewarded for their success and so we make sure that everyone shares in the company profits each year too. At Whitecap we strive to foster a culture that is consistent with the needs of our employees.

Our Community

We think it’s important to give back to the community – our local community, our National community and even our World community. Every year, we proudly donate to The Canadian Electric Wheelchair Hockey Association (CEWHA), World Vision Canada, The Canadian Cancer Society, The MS Society of Canada, Kids Help Phone, and The Salvation Army Gateway Toronto.

Enjoying What We Do

Life is short. Why do something each and every working day that you don’t enjoy? We hire people that love this type of work and want to be with us for a long, long time. We also think it’s important for everyone to have fun working at Whitecap and so we work hard at that too.

Living Each Day

Each day is precious. Time is precious, especially time with our loved ones and it is a gift not to be squandered.

It is vitally important that we never take for granted the gifts that lie before us, the gifts of love, family, friendship, health and of course time. Our hope for us all is that we are blessed with the wisdom to recognize the here and now, the truly important things in our lives and that we live for today as our children do each and every day with passion and reckless abandon.

The only way this can happen is if we maintain perspective and a strong work-life balance in our life. This cannot and will not happen if all we focus on is work and career.

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