A partner in the digital space is so critical and specifically choosing the right partner. Whitecap 100% was the right decision for us.
Sometimes software needs to be designed and developed from scratch to perfectly and precisely do what you need it to do. A company should not have to adapt its business process to a software package. Rather the software should perfectly marry up to the way you choose to operate, differentiate your company and serve your customers. Quality, well designed and developed custom software can become your company’s most valuable asset.Learn More
Deliver and maintain highly rewarding customer experiences with a seamless integration of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. We have excellent certified CRM specialists backed and supported by Microsoft and ready to help you too reap the benefits of one of the world’s leading CRM platforms. Learn More
Transform the way your company collaborates and manages documents with SharePoint 2016. Realize whole new levels of efficiency using SharePoint to create an intranet, an extranet or a corporate social network. Discover how we can further customize SharePoint to your unique requirements.Learn More
In today’s competitive world organizations need to quickly and efficiently gather and analyze available information in order to respond to opportunities and challenges. Microsoft Power BI is a powerful decision support tool, enabling you to combine data from multiple sources, transform data and present information through timely, highly visual and meaningful dashboards, reports and alerts. Learn More
Serving and transacting business with customers online is fast becoming an expected and mandatory way of operating in today’s world of business. Companies that realize this stay relevant and adapt their business to this reality. Companies that do not, struggle to survive. Learn how we have helped so many businesses with their e-commerce implementations and how we can help you too!Learn More
Switch to responsive website design with integrated content management system (CMS); create one website that renders perfectly across all platforms, including smartphones and tablets. Enjoy the benefit of being able to quickly and efficiently modify and enhance your website content without the help of IT or other technical resources. Your website is the frontline to your customers and your most important sales tool. We want it to be the best that it can be! Learn More
Today’s world is a mobile world! Who doesn’t have a smartphone today? A mobile app can be another excellent and effective way to interact and transact business with your customers. Whitecap has considerable experience developing mobile apps across all platforms including Android and iOS. Learn More
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4 Reasons You Need a Project Manager

Oct 09, 2018

When it comes to delivering a new software solution, app or website, taking the project from idea to deliverable can be very complex at times. There are a lot of different players and a lot of moving parts to harmonize. That’s where project managers (PMs)...


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